Retro Television.

Tell me this isn’t one of the coolest things ever. From Engadget:

How does technology a half-century old manage to be this sexy? We’re not certain. But this one-of-a-kind, handmade retro television — which seemingly combines an old desktop lamp and a giant magnifying glass — definitely tugs at our heartstrings. With a 5.5-inch monochrome CRT screen and no inputs to speak of, you won’t be watching Blu-rays on this set, and its PAL standard and 220V plug mean non-Europeans might not be bothered to try. Still, for an old over-the-air TV, it’s remarkably full-featured, with knobs for volume, band (VHF-L / VHF-H / UHF), brightness, contrast and V-sync, and we can’t get over its clean, handsome design. If your Nixie tube collection is getting lonely, check out the auction at our source link; bidding starts at €300.


~ by arielviews on April 12, 2010.

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