I’ve blogged about the Monsanto House of the Future previously on Mass Panic, but never went into any detail. This thing deserves a lot more than a little paragraph and a short video.

The Monsanto House of the Future was sponsored, obviously, by the Monsanto Company, which specializes in bio-agricultural things. It was designed by engineers from Disney, the company, itself and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and opened in 1957.

The home was originally meant to depict what a house would be like in 1986. It included, among other appliances, a microwave oven. How futuristic! The attraction, which was part of Tomorrowland, closed in 1967. Plans began being made in 2008 to create a similar attraction, only with more contemporary concepts, in the near future. (Thanks Wikipedia).

The Monsanto House is an absolute gem. There are very few other facets from the past that so brightly and vividly display their retrofuturistic ideas of the future. Its a shame that this, and many other attractions from Tomorrowland, haven’t survived for us to enjoy now. Attractions like these have transcended kitsch, corny and outdated and have become landmarks of an era when the US was a source of culture and forward-thinking.

~ by arielviews on December 3, 2010.

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