Magic City.

Starz has announced it will begin production of a new series titled “Magic City” which takes place in the sixties and tells the story surrounding a Mob run hotel in Miami. If they can get the visuals right, this show could be great.

From the Miami New Times:

​The show is the brain child of Miami Beach High album Mitch Glazer. He’s known for writing movies like Scrooged, Great Expectations and The Recruit. He also produced Lost in Translation.

“I was born and raised in Miami Beach, grew up in those swank hotel lobbies. I love that world and those stories,” Glazer said in the statement. “Miami in the early ’60s was a tropical crossroads, America’s Casablanca – the Rat Pack, CIA, the mob, JFK and anti-Castro warriors – all hanging out in the same Collins Avenue nightclub.”

I’m picturing the grainy, color 4×6 photographs from vacations in Florida that so many of our parents and grandparents have stowed away in photo albums and shoeboxes in their attics. I think, much like Mad Men, the aesthetic will make or break this show.


~ by arielviews on December 7, 2010.

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