Batman: The Animated Series.

I’ve been a fan of this animated show since I was a kid. Its entire run was stellar, but the best seasons were earlier on, until after it was renamed as “The Batman/Superman Adventures”. I could pontificate on how well it was animated, how everyone involved, from the voice talent to the artists to the producers, took the material seriously and I could gush over the vastness of the universe that was created. But I think its easier to say, if you used to, or still do, watch it then you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t seen it then its definitely something to pick up on Netflix or Amazon.

The one thing I will, briefly, expand upon is the aesthetic of the series. Not quite 1940s, not quite modern, Batman: The Animated Series, earlier on, seamlessly melded Atomic Age design and modern technology in a way that hasn’t really been duplicated. The classic cars, deco architecture and distinguished clothes mixed together with “modern” computers, guns and telephones create a world that is all its own, and very engrossing.

~ by arielviews on February 8, 2011.

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