Captain Future.

Recently a reader asked if there were any good Atompunk stories out there, which sent me on a journey of both googling and thinking and I discovered that a great cult character from the 40’s will be making a (rumored) return to paperback.

Rumor has it that Moonstone Books will be releasing new stories about Captain Future. If you’ve never heard of him, here’s a write up from Moonstone’s website:

Born in the mind of Standard Magazine editor Mort Weisinger prior to the World Science Fiction Convention in 1939, Mr. Future quickly evolved into Captain Future. Soon after, Edmond Hamilton, one of the father’s of science fiction, took the springboard and ran with it, producing a tremendous body of Captain Future adventures from 1940 to 1951. Hamilton and Lensman creator E.E. “Doc” Smith are credited as the originators of the space opera sub genre, of which Captain Future is a staple.

Captain Future, aka Curt Newton, was born in a research laboratory on the moon run by his parents and Simon Wright, known as the Living Brain. During an encounter with a criminal scientist and rival, Victor Kaslan, his parents were murdered when Curt Newton was still very young. The Futuremen, including Wright, a human brain inside in a clear box; Grag, a seven foot tall robot and Otho, the synthetic man, raise, educate and train him.

With the guidance of the Futuremen, Newton grows to manhood, excelling in all areas of science, as well as achieving near physical perfection. His strong moral code leads the shy Newton to offer his services to the President under the alias of Captain Future: Wizard of Science.

Upcoming tales, brought to you by Mike Bullock and Norman Lanting, will take Newton and the Futuremen from the teeming colonies of Mars and Venus to the outer fringes of our solar system and into the unknown.

These will be great if they ever actually get published. I’ve tried further researching and haven’t really come up with anything other than a few random mentions here and there.

There’s a really great gallery of covers and actual pages here.

There was also a really awesomely bad adaptation made in Japan in the 70’s:


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