Atomic Age in Prime Time.

With the popularity of Mad Men it was inevitable that more shows inspired by the Atomic Age would start popping up on other networks. I rarely, if ever, have written specific posts about Mad Men because, while I find the show interesting, I don’t really consider it atompunk in anyway and don’t think it ever really fits in on this blog. However, its impossible to deny that with new shows like Pan Am (promo at top of post) coming this fall the Atomic Age, and more specifically the early 1960’s, might be making a come back in popular culture.

I’m not going to hold my breath that Pan Am will make any great strides the way of writing or directing but it looks to be entertaining, if not a very similar take on the era to Mad Men. The new promos alone seem to show that Pan Am will play up the sexism and style that is attributed to the era, we’ll really only know how good the show is once we’re a few episodes in. Christina Ricci is certainly a capable enough actress, and they certainly have captured the feeling of the era’s color and distinguished design, much like Speilberg in Catch Me If You Can.

Like I said, only time will tell if Pan Am is as good as a show like Mad Men, but it certainly seems to have a few good things going for it. One thing I did notice its missing, though, and its an important one: where are all the cigarettes?

~ by arielviews on September 13, 2011.

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