Death Ship.

Sorry for the radio silence the past few days…

So here’s a great Twilight Zone episode, one of the most “atompunk” type episodes I can think of (if any readers can think of others that I haven’t posted about, feel free to comment). From Wikipedia:

The Space Cruiser E-89, crewed by Captain Paul Ross, Lt. Ted Mason and Lt. Mike Carter, is on a mission to analyze new worlds and discover if they are suitable for colonization by Earth. Their mission has thus far been routine, but while investigating an uninhabited world, Mason sees a metallic glint in the landscape. He excitedly conjectures that this might be a sign of alien life, but the pragmatic Captain Ross disagrees. Nevertheless, the Cruiser prepares to land next to the mysterious object.

After landing, the men are astounded to see that the gleaming comes from the wreck of a ship exactly like their own.

Fun Fact:
The model of the hovering spaceship is that of a C-57D Starcruiser, a leftover prop from MGM’s 1956 film Forbidden Planet. The crashed ship was a realistically painted model/set


~ by arielviews on September 13, 2011.

One Response to “Death Ship.”

  1. Did you recognize him? That person on the left: What is Artemus Gordon doing on a starship? 🙂

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