Drink of the Week: Caipirinha.

Not only is it the national drink of Brazil but its one of my all time favorites. It involves purchasing a bottle of cachaça, but the caipirinha has become virtually ubiquitous in the US, and elsewhere, so everyone should have a bottle of it in their liquor cabinets. Besides, once you make one of these you’ll want to have a bottle at the ready all the time.

To make a caipirinha you’ll need a couple limes, a bottle of cachaça, sugar, ice and an Antonio Carlos Jobim album:

First, put on the Jobim album. Are you good? Good.

Next, cut one of the limes into wedges and put them in a lowball glass.
Pour about a tablespoon of sugar over the lime wedges and muddle them (like you’re making a mojito).
Add ice.
Pour 3 oz. of cachaça into the glass and stir.

Its a very simple, potent and unique drink.


Image source.


~ by arielviews on January 4, 2012.

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