Tomorrow’s World.

I’ve posted videos from Tomorrow’s World before but have never actually featured the show as a whole.

Tomorrow’s World was created by Glyn Jones, who conceived the show’s name when the Radio Times rang him up wanting to know how to bill the programme in their next edition.[citation needed] In its early days the show was edited by Max Morgan-Witts and hosted by veteran broadcaster and one-time Spitfire pilot Raymond Baxter. For some years it had an instrumental theme tune which was composed and performed by John Dankworth, and became a classic of the genre. During the 1970s, the programme attracted 10 million viewers per week.
The programme was usually broadcast live, and as a result known for the occasional failure of its technology demonstrations to work as expected. For example, during a demonstration of a new kind of car jack that required much less effort to operate, the jack disintegrated when actually trying to lift a car. Pressing on in the face of such adversity became a rite of passage, both for new presenters on the show and for the young assistant producers whose job it was to find the stories and make sure this kind of setback didn’t happen.

There is an entire collection of clips from the show on Youtube, which you can find here.


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