Dystopian Films.

Let’s face it, Hunger Games wasn’t the first book/movie to tackle the whole dystopian future concept. Not by a long shot. There were a lot of great film adaptations of dystopian literature, and original movies as well, that were produced during the Atomic Age. Here are a couple:

Logan’s Run

Ok, so the movie actually came out in 1976, which is a little late, and I do tend to write about this movie all the time, but its pre-Star Wars special effects and Brave New World-esque story make it a prime example of a dystopian movie.

Soylent Green

Soylent Green is people!

Silent Running

The Earth is extinct and the only surviving species are orbiting Saturn. There’s a heavy “hippie” vibe in this movie that makes it unique to the others on this list.

War of The Worlds

Before Steven Spielberg and Tom Cruise got a hold of it, this was a pretty good adaptation.

Fahrenheit 451

Like Logan’s Run, in my opinion, the set design on this film was spectacular.


This one’s a little out there, but the film student in me couldn’t resist. Its not for everyone, but its definitely worth the time to watch it.


Woody Allen’s comedy about the future. This is another one that has classic, retrofuturistic set desing.

A Clockwork Orange

There are so many fan made trailers for this one, I hope I got a legitimate version…

There are many, many films that I could have included on this list, but I should probably cut it off at 8, if for no other reason except that the post is getting too long. Let me know if I left anything awesome/obscure out.


~ by arielviews on March 29, 2012.

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